J J Pritchard

J.J. Pritchard - Juvenile Fiction
J. J. Pritchard has written several books, three of them specifically for young readers. They are Quest for the Pillars of Wealth - A Children's Guide to Growing Rich (2000), Secret Treasures of Oak Island (2002), and The Seventh Jewel (2005). In The Seventh Jewel, the mummy of an ancient inca princess is discovered during a climbing expedition. The mummy's necklace may hold the secret to fighting global warming. Emma, her brother Joel, and their uncle Jake, travel to Peru to search for the mythical Seventh Jewel and a lost Inca tribe. Will they find what they are looking for? Are they going to escape the murderous thieves who pursue them? And what about the curse of the mummy? To meet Emma - a very special hero - and to find out how the story ends you will have to read the book.