President's Message

President’s Message

Bainbridge Public Library is the library that the community built. It belongs to the people of Bainbridge Island, and is maintained by a volunteer board and committee members.

In the past year, the library launched a major renovation, "The Refresh Project," that included the redesign of the first-floor meeting room, change to single service desks both upstairs and downstairs, additional private study spaces, and increased space devoted to reading. During this project, the Library never closed its doors or reduced its hours. Ongoing service to the community was essential. Because of this commitment, Bainbridge Public Library was nominated for the Chamber of Commerce 2017 Nonprofit of the Year.

This year we'll be working with the infrastructure. You have the beautiful surroundings in both the building and the gardens. Now we are making plans to replace the HVAC system. By spring, you will have the perfect temperatures as well as a system in place that will save your dollars and have less impact on the environment. We will paint all of the building, including the railings, to preserve the weather-impacted exterior, and re-glaze windows to secure them as well. As before, none of this work will close the library.

Bainbridge Public Library is governed by a volunteer board. Members serve for three-year terms. During their terms, they share their experience, expertise, and enthusiasm for the library. They are thoughtful stewards of your donations, meeting current needs and planning for the future. I am honored to be the Board President this year, working with this group of people committed to providing the best possible space for your library service.

As a nonprofit organization, the Bainbridge Public Library is dependent on donations and grants to provide the building and grounds. Kitsap Regional Library provides the library staff, collections, classes, and technology supported by property tax dollars. Bainbridge Public Library and Kitsap Regional Library, working together, bring you the wonderful library you have come to expect. Our doors open the world to you.

Carol Schuyler, President (2018)
Bainbridge Public Library Board  

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