Art Walk - January

January 4, 2019  |  5PM - 7PM  |  Bainbridge Public Library  |  Free. Light refreshments.

First Friday Art Walk

"Human Nature" and "Palouse Homestead"

Join us for the First Friday Art Walk exhibits "Human Nature" and "Palouse Homestead" by David Repyak. These exhibits have both figurative and landscape oil paintings.  Come and visit with the artist in the newly expanded and renovated main conference room of the Bainbridge Public Library,  The paintings will remain throughout the month of January.  Click on any thumb-nail image below to view a larger image.

David Repyak
David Repyak
Palouse home
David RepyakPalouse
David Repyak
Madrona Madonna
David Repyak
David Repyak

Art Walk Podcast - David Repyak
Click on the player below to listen to the Bainbridge Community Broadcasting podcast about this month's Art Walk exhibit by David Repyak.
"Human Nature"
In David Repyak’s figurative oil paintings, color, and shape interplay to push and pull the viewer’s eye between moments of calm and ceaseless energy. Boundary of form is defined and simultaneously deconstructed, creating a kinetic relationship between plane and space, content and audience. The viewer steps back and sees the strength of the human figure as solid, independent, and imbued with integrity. Whether figures are isolated or in relationship with others, all are grounded to the earth, suggesting to the whole experience of "Human Nature”.
"Palouse Homestead"
In David Repyak’s landscape oil paintings, bold strokes obey no one, turning a playful back on convention. Decaying back into the earth, we wonder what stories could be shared if this home could speak? The landscape gently embraces the homestead, connecting with people who have long since moved on. Only a roosting family of owls enjoys the open, upstairs window now, with raking sunlight, piercing through holes in the roof. Whipping wind and scorching sun conspire together to create a kinetic relationship between plane and space, content and audience, and invite us to observe the present moment.