Art Walk - February

February 2, 2018  |  5PM - 7PM  |  Bainbridge Public Library  |  Free.


Works by Curtis Hughes

Please join us for the new First Friday Art Walk exhibit by Curtis Hughes. BLACK and WHITE is a series of eleven paintings which are an exploration of the methods and spirit of modern design. In particular, the abstract expressionists of the mid-twentieth century. The exhibit is in the main conference room of the library.  For the reception, light refreshments will be served.

Curtis Hughes

The paintings are spare and expressive, done mostly in black and white, with color used primarily as a value of black and white.  The paintings are deliberately rough and unpolished and intended to reach for emotional immediacy on the part of the artist and viewer alike.

I'm also interested in how digital technology has influenced how we think about, feel, and practice our art in contrast to traditional, hand crafted methods.

This quote by Willem de Kooning embraces a truth that I share.
"What you do when you paint, you take a brush full of paint, get paint on the picture and you have faith."

Curtis Hughes Exhibit Podcast