Art Walk - June

June 1, 2018  |  5PM - 7PM  |  Bainbridge Public Library  |  Free. Light refreshments.

First Friday Art Walk at the Library


Join us at the library for a First Friday Art Walk reception and exhibit of the artworks of local Bainbridge artist John Wiens. This show is about movement and the resistance to movement, be it the opposing directions of lines, the counter force to pressure, or the embellishment of melody by instruments in a symphony. The art is all from hand pulled monotype prints that includes a series on the theme of music; a triptych showing the body under pressure; several colored prints that explore line; and several smaller prints that play with shapes, line and light.

Podcast about Exhibit
John Wiens
I have been sketching, painting, and more recently, printing for the past fifty years.  My medium is primarily watercolor, but I have done work in ink, pencil, conte, oil, acrylic and now monoprints.  As an architect I’ve sketched and rendered architectural subjects since my college years. Since that time, I’ve traveled to forty-five countries trying to capture the essence of the culture as expressed in their architecture and people.  I believe that the best teacher are the ones giving workshops, and I’ve taken workshops from Charles Reid, Don Andrews, Steven Quiller, George James, Carla O’Connor, Anne Scheid, and Carolyn Anderson.  I have exhibited my paintings of China at BPL, I’ve exhibited my abstract painting at the Winslow Art Center, and my landscape painting at the Bainbridge Bakers, twice, and my portraits at the Senior Center, BI. I have also done a series of colored sketches of the class participants at the Senior Center.