Art Walk - October

October 6, 2017  |  5PM - 7PM  |  Bainbridge Public Library  |  Free. Light refreshments.

"Wild Waterscapes" by David Repyak

Please join us for the October First Friday Art Walk reception in the newly renovated main conference room for an art exhibit of acrylic paintings by David Repyak.  The exhibit will be on display during the entire month, and the meeting room is available for viewing during regular library hours all month.

David Repyak

There is a sense of movement and energy in David Repyak's acrylic artwork as bold brush marks rake across the surface. He captures a timeless feeling in our imaginations recalling our youth and time spent in nature. He dreaws inspiration from Lytle Beach, Pleasant Beach, Eagle Harbor, and multiple ferry crossings that linger with the end of the day sunlight.

"I see serenity in the waters and a sense of adventure." - art patron

David Repyak's website is