Cannery Row Sketches

Cannery Row, by John Steinbeck, is a collection of stories, tied loosely together, about the people, businesses, and events that took place during the era of the Great Depression in the area known as Cannery Row, a fictitious name given to Ocean View Avenue in Monterey, California. Steinbeck lived during those years in nearby Pacific Grove. Almost all of the characters, places, and events were based in reality, a masterful blend of fact and fiction.

As part of the Bainbridge Public Library's October 2009, One Book, One Community events, Bainbridge Islanders were invited to craft their own stories -- up to 2,000 words long - about life on Bainbridge Island, past or present.

The resulting works were read at the San Carlos Restaurant on November 1, 2009, at which prizes were awarded to those that most closely captured the flavor of Cannery Row.

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Steinbeck's Cannery Row