1962-2012: Creating the Future, Celebrating the Past

Starting in the late 1950's, the Bainbridge Island community rallied around the idea of building a new public library to serve the island residents. A volunteer Board of Directors gathered in 1960 and began the process of planning and fund-raising. On March 17, 1962, the new library opened its doors to the public. The painting to the left (courtesy of James Rudolf) is of the original building. Today the expaneded facility is still operated and maintained by a volunteer Board of Directors and relies entirely on funding from the community (books and staff are provided through Kitsap Regional Library system).

To celebrate the 50th anniversary, a series of events listed below will take place throughout the year in 2012.

Martha Bayley's Recommendations: "Fifty Years of Good Reads"

If you missed Martha Bayley's talk, "Fifty Years of Good Reads" during the 50th Anniversary Open House on March 17, then you may want to click here and see what she felt were the best. Martha picked out one fiction and one non-fiction book for each of the decades. The dates are shown under the bookcovers.

Bainbridge in the 1960s

Sample Tile
Celebrate Family & Friends

Honor and celebrate family or friends with a new library tile on the north wall of the library. Actual size: 2 3/8" X 4 5/8"

Beginning March 17th at 10:00 a.m. patrons will be able to claim their spot on the north wall of the library along the new lap top bar by purchasing a handsome memory / celebration tile. These will enhance the wall, provide funds for future improvements, and serve as a lasting reminder of individual, family, and business support of the library. Donation required: $350 which is fully tax deductible.

Upon payment patrons may select their spot by signing the paper mock-up on the north wall. The dedication must fit within four lines each having 16 spaces per line. Click here for the form. If you buy the commemorative tile online by clicking the donate button below, please be sure to indicate the text you would like on the tile.

Bainbridge Island 50 years ago

Click here to see the headlines from the 1962 Bainbridge Review editions.

Click here to see a summary of 1962 events as reported in the Bainbridge Review.

Scroll down on this page and watch a slideshow of photos, "Bainbridge in the Sixties".

History Video

Click here to watch an 18 minute video on the history of libraries on Bainbridge Island. The video has images of the early island libraries and the people who contributed their skills, talent, and time towards the establishment of this community institution on Bainbridge Island.

World Events 50 Years Ago

Click here to look at images of world happenings in 1961.

Library 50 years ago
Library - 1960's
1962 Board