Public Access Computers

The Bainbridge Island Library has over 30 public access computers. These terminals are located in various areas of the library. The photo to right shows one group on the main floor of the adult library. There are also computers for public use in the children's library.

Internet access is available at these terminals in both filtered and unfiltered form. For library card users under 18, filtering software is used to block objectionable sites. For users over 18, the user can choose either filtered or unfiltered internet access.

Wireless Network

The Bainbridge Island Library has wireless internet on the premises. Access to the wireless network is open to the public in the library by logging onto the KRL wireless network and accepting the terms of use.


A library patron can print material from any terminal in the library by directing the output to the central printer located on the main floor of the adult library. (See photo at right). There are instructions on the use of the printer and the costs to print at that location. The Reference Librarian can help patrons who need assistance.

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