Library U Humanities Festival

Library U
A Six-Part Lecture Series

In partnership with Humanities Washington and the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art (BIMA), Library U presents a six-part series featuring speakers from the Humanities Washington Speakers Bureau. All programs are free (with donations welcome), thanks to funding from Humanities Washington.

Here's the lineup - hope you can make it! 

Mayumi Tsutakawa:The Pine and the Cherry - Japanese Americans in Washington
Jane Richlovsky: When Artists Get Together They Talk about Real Estate
Dr. Daudi Abe: Emerald Street: Race, Class, Culture, and the History of Hip Hop in the Northwest

David Fenner: The Long Haul - Stories of Human Migration
Saturday, April 14, 10 am ~ Bainbridge Public Library 
Professor Fenner examines the push and pull factors that cause human migration from its beginnings in Africa into the 21st century. 

Click here to read or download the Migration Resources handout from this program.

Rachel Cardone: H2OMG! Making Sense of Water Scarcity in an Insecure World
Saturday, April 21, 10 am ~ Bainbridge Public Library 
Whether it's lead in schools, drought in California, or dwindling snowpack in Washington, water scarcity is a challenge that needs our attention - now. In this talk, participants learn about water scarcity and its effects both globally and at local levels.    

Click here to view or download recommended resources and media from this program.

Amanda Wilde: The Hidden History of America's Favorite Music
Saturday, April 28, 10 am ~ Bainbridge Public Library 
Blackface minstrelsy was the first American entertainment craze. Radio host Amanda Wilde explores how this controversial phenomenon laid the foundation for American performance, and how its influence reached beyond its era of popularity.  

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Although Library U courses are free (with donations appreciated), space is limited – please come early for the best seats. Enjoy refreshments while you wait for the program to begin!