The Salon

July 28, 2017  |  10AM - 11:30AM  |  1270 Madison Ave N, Bainbridge Island, WA  |  Free.

The Salon: A Forum for Conversation

The Bainbridge Public Library hosts a monthly discussion group. It meets on the 4th Friday of the month from 10:00 - 11:30 a.m. The Salon is for men and women who enjoy stimulating conversation and wish to learn from others in civil dialog. Topics will vary, but the mode will be general interest subjects that impact the public. The Salon conversations will be energizing, fun, and thought provoking.

"The Truth: It is not what it used to be, or is it?” 

Is there a new normal for shading the truth? We can’t rely on the internet. Facebook  and Twitter can and do produce fake news. Cable news is often biased. Elected and appointed officials at many levels seem to regularly deny any accusations, often promise, don’t deliver, and/or blame others. Caveat Emptor is the rule for buying products. How do you determine the truth these days? 

Join us on July 28 at 10 AM  — at the new beautiful large meeting room upstairs at BPL to discuss what is up or down with the truth.  Here’s a link to an article that might stimulate your thinking. 

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