Support for the Visually Impaired

The VIP group meets every 2nd Wednesday at 1 PM in the Library main meeting room.

VIP Room on lower level of the library
The Bainbridge Island Library has a separate room with special equipment designed to aid the visually impaired. Among the various items are a computer with an extra-large flat-screen monitor and a text magnification CCTV unit.

There is a personal computer (PC) with 21" flat screen monitor running Windows XP. It is equipped with assistive software known as JAWS, which is a screen reader that will read what is on the screen to you in an electronic voice. There is also a Magic magnification program, which will increase the size of what is on the screen up to 16 times the original.

CCTV (Closed Circuit TV)
This piece of equipment is a magnifying device with 21" color screen that will magnify any page with text and/or images from 2 times up to 32 times the original size. It can also be used in black on white, white on black, or in various combinations of blue, yellow, magenta, and green.

Members of the VIP group are available for training on any of this equipment. Inquire at the Reference Desk on the main level of the library.

Additional Resources
There is a large quantity of literature and pamphlets describing help available for the visually impaired both at the library and other locations. There are audio books and videos on various eye diseases, as well as other print resources. There are the archives of our organization...scrapbooks with pictures and program information . There is a cassette player and a device to connect to Evergreen Radio Reader Service, plus information from Washington Talking Book and Braille Library. There is also the equipment for conducting our Taping Service....cassettes and recording and duplicating equipment for providing the Bainbridge Review and the Islander in audio format for subscribers.

Resources for Visually Impaired