Andrew Ward

Andrew Ward - Historian, Local Interest
Former Bainbridge Island resident Andrew Ward is an award-winning author known both for the extensive research that goes into his books as well as the quality of his writing. Books by Ward includeThe Blood Seed (1987); Our Bones are Scattered: The Cawnpore Massacres and The Indian Mutiny Of 1857 (1996); Dark Midnight When I Rise: The Story of the Jubilee Singers (2001); and his latest work, The Slaves' War: The Civil War in the Words of Former Slaves (2008). Ward wrote the Slaves' War after he noticed that there was no narrative history of the civil war from the perspective of slaves - the people affected most by the conflict’s outcome. The book offers poignant and often surprising slave perspectives on masters, liberators and the carnage around them. It has earned starred reviews from Publishers Weekly and Booklist, and Ken Burns called The Slaves’ War “riveting.” In addition to his books with historical focus, Ward also wrote Out Here (1991) which is of special interest to local readers. The book consists of humorous essays about life on Bainbridge Island, many of which were originally broadcast on NPR's 'All Things Considered'. Publishers Weekly says of the book and its author: "Ward, who has a wonderful way with words, is an acute observer of life, no matter where he is, and he can take any subject - the way Americans sing their national anthem, fake Colonial decor in fast food restaurants, beggars on city streets, family holiday reunions - and imbue it with insight as well as wit." In addition to his books, Ward is also a renowned essayist for the Atlantic Monthly and the Washington Post, and a commentator on NPR. For more information on this author go to