Library Art Exhibit - December

December 3, 2021  |  5PM - 7PM  |  Bainbridge Public Library

Library Art Exhibit: "Destination Unknown"

Art by Mandi May

Celebrate the season with First Friday Art Walk, December 3 with Mandi May, December artist, who will host an opening reception 5-7PM of her exhibit titled "Destination Unknown".  The exhibit can be viewed at the Library's main meeting room throughout the month of December.

Mandi May

I'm a transplant, as we say, and made my way out west from Long Island, NY and eventually planted roots in Seattle and Bainbridge Island in 2007 and 2012. I left everything I've ever known in search of something new and different, and landed myself among the mountains and lush evergreen landscapes. I guess you can say my natural environment sort of grew on me and quickly found its way into my heart and dreams.

Nature is a prominent theme in much of my photography and printmaking. Abstraction and distortion allow me to communicate emotions influenced by dreaming, both asleep and awake. Asleep, I often dream of maps and undiscovered places, sometimes just out of reach with the anticipation of arriving. I use layers in my photography (all in-camera images/no digital manipulation) using in-¬≠camera multiple exposure settings with pieces of glass and plastic in front of the lens. I often use lenses that tilt, giving me that "sweet spot" of focus while the rest falls off into softness.

The act of layering, on the printing plate and through my lens, is in a way my piecing together of feelings, combining experiences and longings into an image. Color is my instinctual guide, my creative lenses tools that help bring me closer to my destinations.