Library Art Exhibit - December

December 6, 2019  |  5PM - 7PM  |  Bainbridge Public Library

Library Art Exhibit: "Illuminations from the Enteric Nervous System/Shadow Puppetry from My Intestinal Wall"

Art by Erik Peterson

Celebrate the season with First Friday Art Walk, December 6 with Erik Peterson, December artist, who will host an opening reception 5-7PM of his exhibit titled "Illuminations from the Enteric Nervous System/ Shadow Puppetry from My Intestinal Wall".

Podcast about Exhibit

The paintings of this exhibit by Erik Peterson were made between the years of 2008 and 2012 while living and working in Seattle.  Two large canvases dominate the exhibit.  Both are in oil paints and depict narrative scenes of unnerving, layered, and ambiguous beauty.  Strong composition and structure ground the viewer, while fluid painterly marks and color relations create a highly dynamic surface.  Imagery of architecture and young girls are present in both. 

"Forgive Me”, the earlier of the two, utilizes the composition found in the Van Eyck bothers’ painting from the 15th century referred to as "Adoration of the Lamb”.  Peterson’s rendition of it has been blown up in size, subject, and content.  The foreground is populated by girls in dresses and yellow wings running, playing, fighting amongst piles of bricks rendered as if hallucinated more than actual bricks.  The center of the canvas is occupied by Van Eyck’s lamb shadowed by a looming helicopter.  The background contains deteriorating buildings and wind turbines with a dark sky replacing Van Eyck’s optimistic and heavenly blue one.  Certainly there is meaning in this but it is not made evident. 

"Responsibility and Restraint” is a vertically oriented canvas whirling with color, high contrasts, and evidence of a circus carousel.  A linear depiction of a girl, or maybe the spirit of one, seems to grasp at a guard rail, her dress in movement with the carousel, while her gaze is steady and patient.   

Smaller paintings from the same time period will also be on display.