Local Authors

The following is a list of authors who live or have lived on Bainbridge Island.  It is a 'list-in-progress', based on information gathered from diverse sources - Bainbridge Public Library volunteers, the local writing community, the Kitsap Regional Library book collection, the helpful staff at Eagle Harbor Books, and various on-line sources. To read a short description of an author's work and links to their books, click on a name.  More authors are being added on a regular basis so keep checking back.  If you know of a Bainbridge author but don't see him or her on the list, or if you notice an error in one of the write-ups, email us at . The credit for starting this project and completing the research and write-ups for the many authors goes to local Bainbridge Librarian Margaret Tchakerian and to Trese Williamson, a local book lover.  Charles Browne arranges and posts the content to the website.

Last Updated: April 29, 2024      AUTHORS ARE GROUPED BY SURNAME


Jennifer Adler - Nutrition, Cooking
Kathleen Alcala - Adult Fiction

Linda Allen - Spiritual Growth
Becky Allender - Memoir
Dan Allender - Self-Help
Henrietta Alsdorf - Memoir
Eric Anderson - Dementia Care
Jason Andress - Information Security, Data Protection
Barry M Andrews - Transcendentalism
Jacob Angel - Children's Book
Juliette Aristides - Drawing and Painting
Tessa Arlen - Mystery
Laurie B Arnold - Children's Books
Anisa Ashabi - Young Adult Fiction
Diana Atkinson - Adult Fiction
Greg Atkinson - Cooking, Entertainment
Peter Bacho - Mini-memoirs of Seattle
Arthur and Henry Bacon - Children's Book
Maggie Ball - Quilting
Audrey Barbakoff - Library Programming
Bruce Barcott - Environment
David Read Barker - Memoir, Boat Navigation
Venera Di Bella Barles - Memoir, Mystery
Jill Barnett - Romance, Adult Fiction
Jane Barry - Human Rights
Ann Bauer - Food Writer, Essayist
Allen Beach - Local History
Peter S Beagle - Fantasy Fiction, Non-Fiction, Screenplays
Zoe M. Beal - Local Interest, History of Bainbridge Island Schools
Joseph de Beauchamp - Speculative Fiction
Marlowe Benn - Mystery
Kenneth G Bennett - Young Adult, Science Fiction
Paul Benton - Local Interest
Barbara Berger - Children's Books
Margi Berger - Poetry
Antoinette Bergin - Dark Humor
Angela Berry - Local History
Dennis Berry - Mystery, Local Interest
Don Berry - Historical Fiction, Eastern Mysticism
Elizabeth Berry - Mystery, Local Interest
Kimberly Beyer-Nelson - Spirituality, Speculative Fiction
Linda Bierds - Poetry
Ruth Bjorklund - Children's Books on Health, Geography, History, and Animals
Claudia Black - Self-Help, Addictive Behavior
Eileen Black, Rosemary Shaw - Cookbook, Local Interest
Gordon Black - Mountain Biking, Washington
Tyler Blackwood - Romantic Fantasies / Fantasy Fiction
Nancy Blakey - Children's Books
Peter Bohlin - Architecture
Michele Bombardier - Poetry
William T Booth - Architecture
Andrea von Botefuhr - Children's Books, Art
Ellen Boughn - Stock Photography, Marketing
Robert W. Boven - World War II History
W.B. Bowden - Local History
Debbie Brainerd - Children's Book
Bill Branley - Adult Fiction
Marcia Breece - Memoir, Adult Fiction
Michael Brein - Travel Psychology, Paranormal
Paul Brians - Grammarian, Comparative Literature
Alec W Brindle Sr - Alaska History, Fishing, Business
Bennet Bronson - Chinese American History
Christopher Brookes - Health, Self-Help
Judith Reynolds Brown - Cultural Diversity, Fiction
Jess Browning - Genealogy, Economics
Lynn Brunelle - Children's Books
Colin Bull - Scientist, Explorer
Mark Bullard - Fantasy Fiction
Kimberly Burke-Weiner - Children's Books
Bob Burkholder - Memoir, Alaska, Hunting
Suzanne L. Burns - Spiritual, Art
Frank Buxton - Broadcast History, Screenwriter, Television Host
Bill Buzenberg - Broadcast Journalism
Wendy Call - Creative & Non-fiction Writing
Leigh Calvez - Natural Sciences
Bunny Cameron - Cooking
Jack Carlsen - Poetry
Dennis Carlson - Public Health, Ethiopia
Karen Carncross - Christian Spirituality
Joan Carson - Local History
Rob Carson - Natural Science
Carol Cassella - Adult Fiction
Kent Chadwick - Poetry, Children, Christianity
Dylan Chalk - Home Inspection, Real Estate
Megan Chance - Historical Fiction, Historical Romance
Rick Chandler - Natural Science, Whales
Margaret Chang - Children's Books
Sandy Charyn - Memoir
Sarah A. Chrisman - Young Adult Fiction, Victorian Attire
J. Holger Christensen - Memoir
Rob Christiansen - Suspense
Chrystos - Poetry
Irene Clark, Liz Matteson, Alexandra Rust, Judith Weinstock - Cookbook, Local Interest
Liesl Clark and Rebecca Rockefeller - Environment, Resource Sharing
Barbara Clarke - Memoir
Anne Clermont - Adult Fiction
William Cleveland - Art
E.G. Coffey - Poetry
David Cohen - Photography
Jason M. Colby - Political and Environmental History
Stephanie J Cole - Women's Fiction, Adult Fiction
Robert H. Colfelt - Health Care

Ann Combs - Local Interest, Memoirs, Children's Books
Margaret Combs - Memoir
Faith Conlon - Parenting, Travel
Pat Moffitt Cook - Musical Healing
Elizabeth Coplan - Parenting
Peter Corning - Complex Systems, Synergistic Evolution
Linda Costello - Pop-up Books
Dick Couch - Adult Fiction, Military Documentaries
Lindsey Craig - Children's Book
Jennifer Culkin - Memoir
Melody Curtiss / Kelley Robinson - Speculative and Fantasy Fiction
Steven E. Curtis - Parenting
James Cutler, Bruce Anderson, Beth Wheeler - Architecture

Lauren Dane - Romance

Susan Saxton D'Aoust - Adult Fiction, Alaska
Harold Lenoir Davis - Adult Fiction
John Davis - Poetry
Hazel Dawkins - Mystery
Claire Dederer - Memoir
Rose Defawe - Children's Book
Brian B. DeFoe - Adult Fiction
Lyssa Danehy deHart - Self-Help
Harriet Tracy DeLong - Local California History
Chris L. Demarest - Children's Books
Barbara J. Denk - Gardening
Pauli Dennis - Poetry
Michael Diehl - Local Interest
Beverly Dight - Poetry
Randy De Armond Dilday - Suspense
Mike Dillon - Poetry
Neil Doherty - Poetry
Mary Victoria Dombrowski - Plays, Poetry, Documentaries
Terry Domico - Nature, Photography, Adult Fiction
Patrick Donovan - Naturopathic Medicine, Self-Help
Edward B. Doremus - Local History
Donna Lee Dowdney - Writing, Nursing
Rosemarie Heather Dowell and Gerald William Dowell - Local Interest, Art
Hanna Eady - Playwright
Kin Eagle - Children's Books
Eagle Harbor Congregational Church - Cooking
Mishabae Edmond - Yoga
Leatrice Eiseman - Colors, Wardrobe, Interior Design
Jerry Elfendahl - Local History
Aaron Elkins - Mystery
Charlotte Elkins - Mystery, Romance
Venita Ellick - Adult Fiction
Douglas F. Elliott - Engineering
Robert B. Ellis - Memoir, WWII
Dave Emerald - Leadership, Self-Help
Marvin Davis Evans - Memoir
Jonathan Evison - Adult Fiction
James Ewing - Crime Comedy
Laurie Ezpeleta - Young Adult and Children's Books
Jim Faber - Local History, Maritime History
Brenda Fantroy-Johnson - Memoir
Victoria Farnsworth - Memoir, Local Interest
Tony Ferrante and Paulette Jacobson - Young Adult, Gender Issues
Robert E. Ficken - Washington State History
Anthony Flacco - Suspense, True Crime, Screenwriter
Caroline Flohr - Memoir
Chuck Flood - Historic highways, roadside Americana, ghost towns
Patrick C. Foley - Young Readers
Jamie Ford - Adult Fiction
David Franklin - Self-Help
Jeannette Franks - Retirement Living Options
Eric Freeman - Programming
Friends of the Farms - Cooking
Judy Friesem - Memoir
Ted S. Frost - Business
Donald McLeod Frothingham - Art
Alan Furst - Historical Espionage


Brett Gadbois - Young Adult Fiction
Amba Gale - Leadership
Susan Gardner - Poetry
Tova Gardner - Poetry
Lila Gault - Cooking
Ruth Gazzam - Local Interest
Barbara Gentz - Children's Book
Natalie Goldberg - Creative Writing
Robert Goldstein - Travel, Memoirs
John Van Wyck Gould - Adult Fiction
Vincent H. Gowen - Memoirs, Christian Spirituality
Tren Griffin - Investment
Jeff Groman - Cycling
David Guterson - Adult Fiction
Mary Guterson - Adult Fiction
Taylor Guterson - Screenplays
Lee Hadan - Fantasy Fiction, Romance
Jennifer Haigh - Fiction
Julie Hall - Children's Books, Poetry
Kristin Hannah - Adult Fiction
Drew Derrick Hansen - Civil Rights Movement
Paul Hanson - Speculative Fiction
Philip D Hansten - Philosophy of Thinking
Brian Harburn - Self-Help
Dianne Harman - Mystery
Jordan Harrison - Playwright
John Henry Hauberg Jr. - Autobiography
David B. Hawkins - Counseling, Relationships
Finley Hays - Logging
JoAnne Hebert - Children's book
David A. Hecker - Memoir, Immigration, Historical Fiction
Bill Hemp - Taos, New Mexico
Kristin Henshaw - Poetry
Cathi Hepworth - Children's Books
Brian Herbert - Science Fiction
Paul Heys - Personal Finance
Hilary Hilscher - Alaska, Photography
Wendy Hinman - Memoir, Sailing
Joan Hockaday - Garden History
Frances Hodges - Poetry
Mark Hoffman - Blues Music
Alicia Hokanson - Poetry
Byron Holcomb - Adult Fiction
Paula Holmes-Ebner - Ethnography
Richard S. Homgren, Jr. - Memoir
Nathaniel Hong - Danish History
Meagan Holub - Massage Therapy Business
John Houde - Forensics, Suspense
Woodleigh Marx Hubbard - Children's Books, Art
Jeanne Huber - Home Improvement
K. Wind Hughes - Young Adult, Self-Help
Sandra Hulstrom - Adult Fiction
Suzan Huney - Memoir
Buff and Elizabeth Hungerland - Marketing, Art
Susan K. Hylen - Poet, Photography
Natalia Ilyin - Cultural Criticism
Schuyler Ingle - Cooking
Jay Inslee - Clean Energy
Victoria Irwin - Homelessness


Dave James - Logging, Local History
Evan James - Adult Fiction
George W. Jarecke and Nancy K. Plant
- Law
A.E. Jeffcoat - U.S. History, Christian Spirituality
Betty Cooper Johnson - Memoir
Earl C. Johnson - 9/11 Survivor's Story
Russell Johnson - Memoir, TV Actor
Inez Maubane Jones - Children's Book
Lee Jorgenson - Adult Fiction
Victoria Josslin - Magical Realism, Romance
Peggy Julian - Poetry
Dona Keating - Non-Profits, Management Consulting, Cooking
Merrill Keating - Children's Book
Chris Kelly - Self-Help
Tom Kelly - Real Estate, Mystery
Christina Kemp - Memoir
Chris Key and Linda Fullerton - Local Interest, Humor
Patricia O'Connell Killen - Christian Spirituality, Religious Studies
Gary Kinder - True Crime
Kitsap County Retired Teachers - Local History, Education
Henriette Anne Klauser - Therapeutic Writing
Florence Klein - Memoir
Kenneth Klein - Memoir
Harry Knickerbocker - Poetry, Fiction
Janet Norman Knox - Poetry
Ron Konzak - Local Interest, Cooking, Self-help
David Korten - Economic Policy
K.D. Kragen - Science Fiction
Kristin von Kreisler - Animals
Lawrence Kreisman - Local Interest
Brian Krueger - Career, Job Hunting
Dick Krutch - Local Interest, Law
Drew Kunz - Poetry, Art
Karla Kuskin - Children's Books, Art
Rebecca Laclair - Young Adult Fiction
Ronald G. Laes - National Security
Laura Laffrado - Literature, Feminist Studies
Kathryn Lafond - Cooking, Nutrition
Marti Olsen Laney - Psychology
Chapple Langemack - Booktalks, Hosting Author Events
Lolita T. Lanning - Animals
Lu Lawrence - Local Interest
Michelle Lawrence - Breast Cancer
Ila G. Lee - Memoir, Lighthouse History
Dave Leedy - Adult Fiction
Melvin M. Leiman - Economics, Racism
Richard LeMieux - Homelessness, Local Interest
Matthew Donovan Lennert - Photography
Nikia Speliakos Clark Leopold - Children's Books
Susan E. Levy - Cooking, Healthy Lifestyles
Michael 'Luni' Libes - Entrepreneurship
Charles W. Lindenberg - Local Interest, Navy
Michael Lisagor - Self-Help, Buddhist Spirituality
Trude Lisagor - Memoir
George Little & David Lewis - Gardening, Sculpture, Art
Priscilla Long - Poetry, Fiction, History, Science, and Creative Nonfiction
Sheryl Longin - Animals
Jennifer Longo - Young Adult Fiction
Harry Longstreet - Suspense
Jennifer Louden - Self-Help
Ann Lovejoy - Gardening, Food Writing
Gary Loverich - Local Interest
Minnie Rose Lovgreen - Farming, Local Interest
George Lowe - Humor, Local Interest
Stephen Edwin Lundgren - Poetry
Mona Lydon-Rochelle - Poetry


Elizabeth Wiggs Maas - Weddings, Humor
Carla Mackey - Travel
Suzanne Macpherson - Romance
Lewis Mandell - Financial Literacy
Amanda Mander - Creative Non-fiction, Personal Growth
Jennifer Manlowe - Self-Help, Writing
Jennifer K Mann - Children's Book
Luciano Marano - Horror Stories
Karl Marlantes - Adult Fiction, Vietnam War
Elsie Frankland Marriott - Local Interest
John D Marshall - Memoir, Non-Fiction
Sharlene Martin - Publishing, Literary Management
Sally Jo Martine - Arts & Craft, Breast Cancer, Poetry
Beth Ann Mathews - Adventure Memoir
Phoebe Matthews - Contemporary Fantasy, Romance
Maureen Maurer - Assistance Dogs
Donald E Mayer - Memoir
Bob McAllister - Poetry
Viki McCabe - Cognitive Science
Carolyn McConnell - Social Activism
Allison McDonald - Early Education, Literacy
Susan Chernak McElroy - Animals
Maureen McQuerry - Young Adult Fiction, Children's Picture Books
Paul A. Merriman - Personal Finance, Investing
Margaret Millmore - Paranormal Fiction
Mickey Molnaire - Local Interest
Natasha Moni - Poetry
Daniel Monk - Speculative Fiction
Ed Monk - Boat Building
Dave Montgomery - Pilot Safety
Jon Mooallem - Nature, Environment
Anne Moody - Child Adoption
Fred Moody - Local Interest, Documentaries
Donna Moore - Adult Fiction, Local Interest, Haiku
Theresa Morrow - Architecture, Guide Books
Annette Moser-Wellman - Creative Thinking, Innovation
P A Moses - Fiction
Sara Daphne Mossman - Children's Book
Florrie Munat - Memoir, Caregiving, Children's Books
E.C. Murray - Memoir, Personal Growth
Roy C. Naden - Spirituality, Religious Studies
James F. Nagle - History
John Lawrence Nazareth - Poetry, Travelogue, Play, Mathematics
Anna Neff - Short Stories
Margaret Nevinski - Children's Books
Nora Nickum - Natural Science, ocean animals, Children's Books
Carl Nord - Juvenile Fiction
Benay Nordby - Memoir
Graham Noyes - Carbon Energy
Kathleen O'Brien and Kathleen Smith - Green Design
Jack Olsen - Suspense, True Crime
Rex Olsen - Memoir, American West
John R Olson - Travelogue
Shannon Oslick - Food, Travel and Lifestyle Photography
Madeline Ostrander - Social Activism

Amy Paeth - Non-fiction

Jessie M. Page - Memoir
Kirsten Blythe Painter - Comparative Literature/Poetry
Rosalys Peel - Aging, Alzheimers
Dawn Pearson - Cozy Mystery, Poetry, Flash Fiction
John Perkins - Economics, Geo-Politics
Karen Perry - Poetry
Dave Pilkey - Juvenile Fiction
Elizabeth Pinchot - Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Social Responsibility, Sustainability
Gifford Pinchot - Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Social Responsibility, Sustainability
Stuart Franklin Platt - US Military, Iraq and Afganistan
Tina Barbaro Polis - Poetry, Spirituality
Darryl Ponicsan / Anne Argula - Adult Fiction, Screenwriter, Mystery
Rafe Posey - Fiction
Zak Powers - Photography, Historic Preservation
Jack Prelutsky - Children's Books
Andrew Price, Jr. - Local History
Marilyn Price-Mitchell - Young Adult Development
Gary Prisk - Adult Fiction
Jeffrey J Pritchard - Financial Planning, Juvenile Fiction
Paul Michael Privateer - Science Fiction
Steven Purcell - Christian Spirituality
Christine Quinn - Cooking
Sheila Rabe - Historical Romance
Warren Read - Memoir, Adult Fiction
Tom Reaney - Travel Information
Devon Rainey - Memoir
James L Reese III - Boatbuilding
Ron Reiersen - Children's Book
Mary Ann Reinhardt - Children's Book
Nancy Rekow - Poetry
Patricia Ganson Repanich - Family History, Croatia
Brian Roberts - Local History, Diversity
Sheila Roberts - Romance
Rebecca Robins - Children's Book, Culinary History
Sally Robison - Local Interest
Elisabeth Robson - Programming
Theodore Roethke - Poetry
George Rohrbacher - Memoir, Farming, Board Game, Fiction
Elisa Romeo - Spirituality
Stephen L. Rosen - Photography, Architecture
Marcia Rudoff - Writing
Alan Rudolph - Screenplays
Cynthia Rylant - Juvenile Fiction


Joel Sackett - Local Interest, Photography
Robert Santelli - History of American Music
Deborah Schenk - Legal aspects of Taxation
Julie Madeline Schmidt - Children's Books
Lambert Schuyler - Local History
Nora Patricia Schuyler - Children's Books
Gretchen Scoble - Flowers, Herbs, Weddings
Mary Scribner - Parenting
Suzanne Selfors - Children's Books
Tamara Kaye Sellman - Short Stories, Articles, Professional Blogs, Poems
Maria Semple - Adult Fiction
George Shannon - Children's Books
Vaughn Sherman - Memoir
Alice Shorett - Local Interest
Dave Shorett - Fishing and Walking Guides, Local Interest
Peter Shorett - Medical Ethics
Ariel Shultz - Children's Books
Jane Silberstein - Land-use, Sustainability
Roger Lichtenberg Simon - Mystery
Robin Simons - Self-Help, Raising a Child with Disability
Altus L. Simpson - Alaska
Karen Sladek - Memoir
Susan R Sloan - Suspense
Ammon Smith - Short Stories
C. U. Smith - Poetry
Hilary T. Smith - Mental Illness, Young Adult Fiction
Michael J. Smith - Fiction, Risk taking
Phoebe Smith - Local Interest
Theresa Smith - Mystery
Toby Smith - Local Interest
Judith Smith-Levin - Mystery
Patrick Snow - Self-Help, Publishing
James Snydal - Poet
Tom Snyder - Poetry
Sharon Soames - Christmas, Local Interest
Sally Sondheirm - Cooking
Joanne Spalding-Stacy - Juvenile Fiction
Simone L Spearman - Young Adult Fantasy
Speculative Fiction Writing Cooperative
Emily Spenser - Romance
David Stallings - Poetry
Sharon Stanley - Psychotherapy
Susan Starbuck - Local History
Joyce Stribling Steward - Poetry
Richard Stine - Art
Shreve Stockton - Animals
Brian Strause - Adult Fiction
Jean Strauss - Adoption, Sound of Music
Susan Strawn - Textiles and Knitting
Garth Sundem - Geek Humor, Young Adult Book, Educational Aids
Jack Swanson - Local Interest
Jordan Taylor - Animals, Short Story
Nancy Taylor - Poetry
Anna Teiche - Children's Book
Marsh Terry - Marketing
Glena Teti - Poetry
Steve Thomas - Fundraising
Everett Thompson - Poetry
Joyce Thompson - Short Stories, Thriller, Memoir, Spirituality
Tim Thompson - Photography, Local Interest
Wilbur Thompson - Local Interest
Ginger Thrash - Hiking
Carol Tice - Business
Judith C Tingley - Psychology
Richard C Tizzano - Elder Care
Bryan Tomasovich - Poet
Dylan Tomine - Memoir
Sarah Townsend - Memoir
Paul Travis - Leadership, Marketing
Jo Ann Trick - Local Interest, Chickens
Michael Trimble - Vocal Technique
Teresa Tsalaky - Health Care, Visionary Fiction
Tom Tyner - Local Interest
S. D. Unwin - Sci-Fi
Joe Upton - Fishing & Boating


Sarah Ruth van Gelder - Social Activism
Cynthia McDole Vandersluis - Poetry
Henry Vandersluis - Children's Book, Animals
Ed Viesturs - Mountaineering
Irene Vongehr Vincent - Asian Art
Rachel Wade - Romance, Science Fiction
Verne Wade - Fantasy
Kathleen Wakefield - Adult Fiction
Diane Walker - Spiritual, Mystery
Tommy Walker - Autobiography
Susan Wallace - Dog Fur & Wool Spinning
Andrew Ward - Historian, Local Interest
Cathy Warner - Writing Coach, Spirituality
Katy Warner - Local History
Elsa Watson - Romance
Lawrence Watt-Evans - Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Comic Books
Gerald R Weeks - Psychology, Sex and Couple Therapy
Larry Weiner - Fiction
Judith Weinstock - Cookbook, Local Interest
Burt Weissbourd - Screenwriter, Mystery
James K Wellman - Comparative Religion
Rebecca Wells - Adult Fiction
Charlotte Welsh - Historical Fiction
Neva Welton - Young Adult Self-Help, Community Film Festival
Jeff Wenker - Fantasy Fiction
Beverley Lehman West - Poetry
Richard M. West - Poetry
Doug Whalley - Local History
Janet Whalley - Pregnancy, Childbirth
Gary M. White - Local History, Wooden Boats
Alison Whiteman - Journalism
Jim Whiting - Children's Books, Sports
S.L. Whyte - YA Fantasy
Lis Wiehl - Law, Mysteries, Self-Improvement
Susan Wiggs - Romance
Jennifer J Wilhoit - Writing
Norman D. Willis - Logic Puzzles
John Willson - Poetry
Steven C. Wilson - Photography, Environment
Sharon Winn - Self-Help
Barbara Winther - Children and Juvenile Folk Tales, Local History
Garin Wolf - Television, Playwright
Linda Wolf - Young Adult Self-Help, Photography
John T. Wood - Adult Fiction, Leadership, Self-Help
Mary Woodward - Local History
Walt Woodward - Boating and Local History
Antony Yaeger - Poetry
Michael Yaeger - Local History, Short Stories
Donna Zajonc - Public Leadership, Politics
Paul Zitarelli - Wine

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