Art Walk - January 3, 2020

January 7, 2022  |  5PM - 7PM  |  Bainbridge Public Library  |  Free. Light refreshments.

First Friday Art Walk

Exhibit by Philene Vaivods and Toni Foss

Please join us for the January 7, 2022, First Friday Art Walk exhibit by Philene Vaivods and Toni Foss. Come and visit with the artists during the reception in the main meeting room of the Bainbridge Public Library,  The art will remain hanging throughout the month of January.

Philene Vaivods

I have always enjoyed color, design and all creative art. As a child I re-decorated my bedroom many times as well as my dollhouses. It was fun dressing my dolls and paper dolls. 

While in college majoring in anthropology, I also took classes in design and art history. These classes have influenced my works. I am interested in many fields including science, architecture, fashion and cultures, and my art reflects this. 

Over the years I have painted off and on, and in the past 15 or so years have expanded to mixed media. While listening to classical music, I am in a different space creating. It is interesting to start with shapes, and then see how it becomes a piece of art. I like the freedom of just an idea that becomes art using different materials, textures, colors. 

The Bainbridge Island art workshops I have taken were very helpful for collage design and composition.  I enjoy the art community here.

Toni Foss

Toni is originally from South Pasadena,CA.

She moved to Bainbridge from Gold Beach, OR. She enjoys water color painting, she has a vivid imagination and loves color, which her paintings reflect.