President's Message

President’s Message - January 1, 2021

Bainbridge Public Library is the library that our community built…

Bainbridge Public Library is the library that our community built and continues to support.  It is unique because it is a 501(c)(3) that belongs to the people of Bainbridge Island.  As a non-profit, Bainbridge Public Library depends on donations and grants to provide funds for maintaining the building and grounds.  We have a partnership with Kitsap Regional Library, which is a property tax supported institution, that provides staff, collections, classes, programs and technology.  Working together, we bring you the wonderful library that you have come to expect. 

Bainbridge Public Library is governed by a volunteer Board whose members contribute their experience, expertise and love for the Library.  They are thoughtful stewards of your donations as they meet the current needs and plan for the future.  I am honored to be the President of the Board, working with this group of people who are committed to providing the best possible space for your library needs. 

This year has been an extraordinary one, a one that has kept us from using the building since last March due to Covid restrictions.  It has not, however, kept us from both maintaining and upgrading the building and grounds.  The most exciting project has been a partnership with BARN to replace the gates into the Japanese garden.  These newly designed works of art not only keep, but enhance, the experience that the gardens provide for the community. They will be installed early this year.  Rain leaders, rather than down spouts, create cascades of water from the roofs, natural art on a dismal day.   We have also been working on the interior of the building with upgrades to the lighting and to the ventilation systems.  In addition to the highest grade of filtration possible throughout the building, the Friends of the Library book room now has a new separate system for a safer environment for when they can resume their book sales. 

The Friends of the Library, following guidelines set by Kitsap Regional Library, are back in the building providing curbside service.  Friday Tidies have returned to the gardens, planning for and tending to them every week.   

I personally want to thank our wonderful donors who supported us during a year that has been difficult for all of us.  Your generosity makes it possible for Bainbridge Public Library to be a space that you will welcome back and once again enjoy in your lives. 

Carol Schuyler, President
Bainbridge Public Library Board

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