President's Message

President’s Message - January 1, 2023

Everyone loves the library . . .

As I begin my year as BPL Board president, I continue to be amazed at how much this community loves its library.  Whenever the subject of the library comes up, everyone on Bainbridge Island’s first response is, "I love the library!”  And, I must say, that love is abundantly apparent in the number of visitors each month who frequent the library and in the donations BPL receives, each of which – no matter whether it’s $5.00 or five figures – is enormously appreciated and carefully used to maintain or improve the library building and grounds.  Since BPL receives no tax dollars to do its work, every donation made to it is precious and the Board members take their stewardship of BPL funds quite seriously.

As life returns more to "normal” around the library, it makes me incredibly happy to see the calendar filling up with in-person activities, events and meetings.  Please access KRL’s and BPL’s websites frequently to ensure you don’t miss anything fun or exciting.  There are going to be lots of things happening this year and you certainly don’t want to be left out.

I have to express my many thanks and great appreciation to the members of BPL’s Board of Directors, all of whom are volunteers and all of whom spend many hours each week utilizing their knowledge and skills to ensure the library’s building and grounds remain sound and well maintained.  I so admire their dedication and expression of love for the library as expressed through their work.

I must especially thank Carol Schuyler, outgoing president, for her tireless work and dedication.  Fortunately, she remains close by now serving as the corporation’s secretary which allows her to continue to use her corporate knowledge and historical perspective in guiding the Board forward through its work.

Finally, to our patrons and donors:  My deepest gratitude is to you since it is you who keep the library a vibrant and joyful public community space.  Please continue to love it.Kathy Bolles, PresidentBainbridge Public Library Board 

Kathy Bolles, President
Bainbridge Public Library Board