Library Art

The Bainbridge Public Library is fortunate to be graced with beautiful works of art both inside the library and in the grounds outside the building.  The skills and creativity of many artists can be seen by clicking on the artist's name below.  Much of the material about art is due to the work done in 1997 - 1999 by Betsy Lawrence, Verda Averill, Cheryl Svornich, Cynthia Harrison, Peggy Hughes, and Julie O'Neill who all worked to assemble a book of the Bainbridge Library Art.

Jenny Andersen, The Pilgrim, 2004, donated anonymously

Tony Angell, Bay Otters, 1998, bronze sculpture (an anonymous gift to the children of Bainbridge Island)

Gayle Bard & Steven Maslach, Untitled, 1997, an oil painting and cast glass ceiling (sponsored by the City of Bainbridge Island 1% for Arts Program)

Diane Bonciolini, Gregg Mesmer, Glass-a-bet, 1997, fused glass tiles by Darcy Herrett's eighth grade class, Woodward Middle School (sponsored by Bainbridge Arts & Crafts)

Amy Chamberlain, Untitled, 1997, glass, copper and wood door (sponsored by Marj and Loyal Moore)

Darrah Cole, The Memory of the World, 1997, a series of bronze plaques embedded in the sidewalk and entrance ways to the library (sponsored by Roger and Carol Miller)

Molly Griest, The Cornerstone, 1997, carved granidiorite found on site (donated by the artist and Wendy Burroughs); The Storyteller, 1999, a memorial dedicated to librarian Barbara Bayley; Helle, 2000, from the Viking Collection, Ltd.; Old Birch, 2009, carved stone behind the library dedicated to Cindy Harrison, past manager of Bainbridge Library, with island motifs of goose, star, and birch leaves (donated by the Friends of the Library)

Japanese American Community, Haiku No Niwa Garden, 1997 (given by the Bainbridge Island Japanese-American Community in memory of Bainbridge Island Issei)

Robert Lucas, Untitled, 1997, bench of concrete and found objects (sponsored by Bainbridge Arts and Crafts)

Rosalyn Gale Powell, Wildflower Bouquet, 1986, in memory of Virginia Mudge; Unknown title, 1987; Nasturtiums, 1994, in memory of Ida Thatcher

Kristin Tollefson, Untitled, 2004, pen and ink drawing of the library from the perspective of the HaikuGarden.  This artwork is the logo of the Bainbridge Public Library used on written documents and electronic communications; Donor Recognition, 2009, donor wall display, steel and objects from the beaches of Bainbridge

Solia Van Slyke Hermes, Puzzle Tables, 1997 (sponsored by Sean Christopher Guffrey, Kent and Michele Van Slyke, and Roger and Carolyn Miller)

Peggy Vanbianchi, Mandorla and Elipse, 1997, gut and found objects (sponsored by the Toni Hall Foundation); Galilea, 1996, gut and found objects (also by Emily Carlisle, sponsored by Jim and Lucille Parker and Margi Berger)

Michele Van Slyke, Reading Hands, 1997 (metal computer-back screens); Birds in Flight, 1998 (wood and steel bench and a reading board in memory of Virginia Mudge)

Cal Woolley, donated three watercolors to the library. They are Winter, Murden Cove, 1996, Mile 4, Siuslaw River, 1996, and The House on Stella Creek, 1995.

Barbara Berger has two early paintings, The Old Man and the Rose, 1975, and The Rose, also 1975, in the library. A third painting, Parade of the Elements, 1997, is found in the Children's Library.

Tony Angell Otters
Tony Angell Otters