Michele Van Slyke

Michele Van Slyke contributed to the library art collection both as an individual artist and as coordinator of other artists' work for members of the library art committee. Here are her comments:

“Accustomed to designing and fabricating my own site specific artwork, I felt a wonderful freedom being able to visualize the work of other artists within the space of the library.

The first stage was to establish with the architects which areas could benefit the most from having artist-designed elements.  A. jury of architects, artists, art connoisseurs and library personnel assembled to choose among the 40 Bainbridge Island artists who submitted their work and ideas for this project.

Ten artists were chosen to make site specific proposals. After long months of fund raising, we were eventually to see all the proposals come to reality. By the time the expanded library was open, all the artwork had been installed.

My real reward comes when I hear from the library staff and users that the artwork does add a new dimension to their enjoyment of this wonderful building.

I was later approached by the interior designer to create screens for the backs of the computers and designed the Reading Hands Screens. The Friends of Virginia Mudge also asked me to create an outdoor bench in the memory of the long-time librarian and I was happy to install the Bird in Flight bench and keep Virginia's spirit alive at the entrance of a building she would have loved.

Michele Van Slyke
Reading Hands