Brian B DeFoe

Brian DeFoe - Adult Fiction
A local Bainbridge Islander since 2000, Brian's first novel, Herbvana (2023), is set in Kitsap County. "Set in the heady days following the legalization of recreational cannabis in Washington state, Herbvana tells the tale of the ill-fated partnership between a sleazy strip-mall lawyer and a marijuana entrepreneur. Add a corrupt Liquor and Cannabis Board inspector, organized crime, lingerie-clad baristas, ravenous crustaceans and a teenage boy hungry for Internet fame into the mix, and the quiet environs of Kitsap County Washington will never be the same." In Brian's words, "As a practicing attorney, words have been my most valuable tool for over a quarter century.  Words have allowed me to provide for my family.  But the itch to tell stories is not scratched by drafting a contract.  And so I have tried, when and where possible, to continue telling tales."  For more information, see
Brian DeFoe