Bacon Brothers

Arthur and Henry Bacon - Children's Book
Brothers Arthur and Henry Bacon have accomplished something few kids their age have done - together they have written and published a book before even reaching high school. Their I Hate Reading: How to Get Through 20 Minutes of Reading a Day Without Really Reading (2008) is an inspirational book for - as the title implies - children who don't like to read. An Amazon reader says: "I've been teaching 3rd grade since April and the children love this book... The kids really love Arthur and Henry's suggestions and their refrain of "eyes on book, butt on chair" has been a staple in the classroom." During a visit to the Bainbridge Library, Arthur and Henry assured the children's librarian that, since writing their book, they themselves have learned to enjoy reading. In addition to being authors, the two brothers and their parents spent 50 weeks touring the United States before recently settling on Bainbridge Island. To find out more about Arthur and Henry's adventures and their unique book, go to