Susan E. Levy

Susan LevySusan E. Levy - Cooking, Healthy Lifestyles
Susan Levy is the best-selling author of The Well-Fed Heart publications, with over 20 million in print.  Her book The Eight Principles of a Heart Healthy Woman: Making Better Choices for your Life (2014) is a combination of Levy's personal health journey, a journal for the reader, and a cookbook. Levy is also known for her dietitian-approved 5 Steps or Less recipe collections, including Mediterranean Diet Recipes in 5 Steps or Less (2013), and she is creator and host of the video series The 4 Minute Kitchen Makeover.  Additionally, Levy writes a weekly blog on healthy lifestyle topics, is a spokesperson for the American Heart Association’s Go Red campaign, and serves as chair for the Circle of Red in Seattle. To quote the author, "Living heart-healthy is a journey, not an overnight success program. I'm looking for attainable goals and sustainable healthy habits. Not fads."  For more information on Susan Levy go to
Susan Levy