Barbara Clarke

Barbara Clarke - Memoir
Barbara Clarke jokes about having moved over forty times in her life, packing and unpacking approximately every 2.7 years. Fortunately for us she decided to settle on Bainbridge Island in 2007.

Getting to Home: Sojourn in a Perfect House (2009) is Clarke's account of working with an architect and contractor to build a home in a small town in the Pacific Northwest. But the book is as much a reflection on finding a definition of home and on finding oneself. One reader says about Getting Home "I love this book. Why? Because it is wise and wisecracking and deeply funny. Barbara Clarke describes how she, as a single woman, edging past middle age, built a home for the first time. Along the way, she explores the word 'home' in all its complexity... At times this book is achingly heartfelt and at other times side-splittingly funny. Read it! Highly recommended." For more information on Barbara Clarke go to