Margaret Chang

Margaret Chang - Children's Books
After teaching children's literature for almost two decades, Margaret Chang decided it was time to write her own children's books. Collaborating with her husband Raymond Chang, several of her books are set in China and provide young readers with an excellent introduction to the folk-tales of ancient China.  Chang's most recent book is Celia's Robot (2009):  For her birthday, fifth-grader Celia Chow receives an unusual present: a worker robot, designed by her dad, that is able to do nearly everything.  Though Robot is somewhat bossy, with her parents often away working, Celia increasingly appreciates its companionship. Because her father worries about competitors trying to steal it, Robot is supposed to be a secret, though Celia is allowed to bring it to school, where, after helping rescue a cat, Robot’s photo appears in the newspaper. Soon after, Robot goes missing, and aided by her sometimes contentious classmate Tim, Celia sets off on a suspenseful, somewhat dangerous quest to find it. Celia is an appealing protagonist whose first-person narrative reflects her Chinese American background and sympathetically conveys the impact of her parents’ frequent absences. Overall, an entertaining and thoughtful read." (from Booklist review)