Joe Upton

Joe Upton - Fishing, Boating
Joe Upton is a Bainbridge writer and fisherman with more than twenty years experience exploring the waters of Alaska and British Columbia. Among the list of books to his credit are Journeys through the Inside Passage (1992) in which Upton recounts seafaring adventures along the coast of British Columbia and Alaska. His The Coastal Companion: A Guide for the Alaska-Bound Traveler (1995) is a great read for anyone who'se ever dreamt of a boat journey up to Alaska. The book provides orientation through the complex waterways along with maps and port guides, and entertains with stories and photographs. Keeping with the maritime theme but with a different audience in mind, Upton 's Runaways on the Inside Passage (2002) is a children's book about twins who are abandoned by their mother and who call on an elderly fisherman to help them look for their father in Alaska. A few years later, Upton published The Alaska Cruise Companion (2005). It is considered a 'must-pack' item for anyone planning to go on a cruise to the 49th state. Finally Upton's Alaska Blues (1979, reissued 2008) tells of his life fishing for salmon on his 32-foot boat 'Doreen' in Southeast Alaska. The book is a classic Pacific Northwest tale of independent men and women surviving the whims of nature and the shifting fortunes of the fishing industry.