John Van Wyck Gould

John Van Wyck Gould - Adult Fiction
Following a successful career as engineer, John Van Wyck Gould retired to Bainbridge Island where he likes to, in his own words, garden, tend bees, and write. To date Gould has authored two novels. The Last Dog In France: A Tale Of The French Resistance And Their Escape Line In WW II (2006) is a fast-paced adventure story set during the French resistance to Nazi occupation. An unfolding love story mirrors the relationship between the allied forces and their ultimate triumph. One reviewer on Amazon describes the book as follows: "The forceful tale of an intense intertwining of lives as a quiet Normandy village is ripped by fear and devastation during the brutal Nazi occupation of France. Gould swiftly propels the reader into the desperation and grim determination that led to a courageous and steely underground citizen's movement that came to be known as the French Resistance. A compelling view into this little known network of bravery that was crucial to the ultimate Allied success." Gould's second book Escape To America: A Tale Of The Great Emigration From Central Europe To America In The Mid 1800's (2007) is the story of two young lovers who make the difficult decision to escape their home country in Schleswig-Holstein in 1835 in order to find freedom in America.