Susan R Sloan

Susan R. Sloan - Suspense
Susan Sloan (photo by Darren Emmons) is a former prosecuting attorney whose best-selling suspense novels have been praised for breathing new life into the crowded field of legal thrillers. Her first book,Guilt by Association (1994) starts with the date rape of an attractive collegian and, on its way to a climactic ending, chronicles the change in attitude towards rape and women's role in society during the past 30+ years. One reader writes on Amazon: "I once asked an 'avid' reader to recommend the best book she had ever read and she told me to read Guilt By Association. She wasn't wrong. It became my favorite recommendation to give to others..." In Sloan's An Isolated Incident (1998), a high school teacher who just moved to a Pacific Northwest island, finds himself the primary suspect in a brutal murder. The author's next book, Act of God (2002), is about a Seattle defense lawyer who is assigned to defend the suspect in a horrific bombing attack on an abortion clinic. Finally, Sloan's most recent suspense novel, Behind Closed Doors (2004), narrates the story of a naïve Irish-Catholic girl from Vermont who goes through life enduring an abusive marriage. Review says "It's all as topical as today's headlines and told at a journalistic gallop, tempered by Sloan's intelligence, humanity and gift for characterisation.' Together with Sally Sondheim Sloan is also author of several cookbooks. In addition to writing books, Sloan operated Furrytale Farm on Bainbridge Island, a nonprofit sanctuary for abused and abandoned animals, until its closure in 2010.