Joan Hockaday

Joan Hockaday - Garden History
Bainbridge-based garden historian Joan Hockaday is the author of Gardens of San Francisco (1988) and Greenscapes: Olmsted's Pacific Northwest (2009). Greenscapes focuses on John Charles Olmsted's accomplishments in the region during the early part of the 19th century. Hockaday takes as her main source Olmsted's daily letters written to his wife Sophie back home on the East Coast. In so doing, the book provides readers with a view of the daily life of a consulting landscape architect - from the challenges of conducting a professional practice, or navigating the politics of park boards, to correcting the misguided preconceptions of wealthy clients. The book is filled with period photographs of the locations and includes a listing of all the Olmsted Brothers projects in the Pacific Northwest. For more information on Greenscapes go to