Susan Chernak McElroy

Susan Chernak McElroy - Animals

Susan Chernac McElroy, who lived on Bainbridge Island for a period of time, is a nationally recognized author on the subject of relationships between humans and both domestic and wild animals. In her New York Times best-selling book Animals as Teachers and Healers (1998), McElroy shares inspiring stories about the healing power of animals. She credits her own triumph over cancer to the love of the animals in her life. In Animals as Guides for the Soul: Stories of Life-Changing Encounters (1999) McElroy further reflects on the special bond between humans and animals. Some of McElroy's more recent books are All My Relations: Living with Animals As Teachers and Healers (2004), and Why Buffalo Dance: Animal and Wilderness Meditations Through the Seasons (2006), with a foreword by Jeffrey Mousaieff Masson. McElroy and her family currently live in Wyoming. For more information on this author go to