Tom Tyner

Tom Tyner - Local Interest
An attorney for the Trust for Public Land and a columnist for the Bainbridge Review, Tom Tyner is also the author of Skeletons From Our Closet and More Skeletons from More Closets. The two booklets are collections of his 'Literary Latte' columns written for the Bainbridge Review during the 1990s. The column originally began as a humorous review of the island's coffee-serving establishments and included observations and musings about island life in general. Having run out of cafes to review, Tyner moved on to different topics, ranging from tanning salons to the Ilwacko Tuna Festival. Tyner says his writings have evolved into "a kind of literary free-for-all that, at it's heart, tries to express what it's like and what it means to live on Bainbridge Island." Even though some of the island businesses Tyner describes have since closed, much of the picture he paints of Bainbridge still rings true. A fun and witty read!

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