Patrick Donovan

Patrick Donovan - Naturopathic Medicine, Self-Help
Patrick Donovan is a naturopathic physician, educator, artist, musician, and author. He has had a number of articles published in medical journals, has contributed chapters to the Textbook of Natural Medicine and has authored two books: The Face of Consciousness and Dancing With The Beloved. In The Face of Consciousness: A Guide to Self-identity and Healing, Donovan, with the help of Dr. Joiner-Bey, attempts to answer who we are. He proposes a theory that explains the "why" of creation and defines the process of healing in a way that can help transform illness and transcend death. The book was one of five finalists in the 2007 Nexus Books Awards. In Dancing with the Beloved - Resurrecting Divine Sexuality Through Profound Relatedness Donovan reintroduces the erotic and sensual into spiritual experience. For more information on this author go to