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Mike Dillon - Poetry
Mike Dillon grew up on Bainbridge Island and currently resides in Indianola.  He is the publisher of Pacific Publishing Company, which owns six community newspapers in Seattle. He also composes haiku poetry, collected in his books The Road Behind (2003) and Contingencies (2014).  Two of his haikus are included in W.W. Norton's Baseball Haiku Anthology.  Additionally, Dillon has written several chapbooks: Riverbank (2003), That Which We Have Named (2008), and As We Are Known (2014). Below is one poem from his 2008 book which seems particularly apt as Dillon's childhood community keeps growing.
The right to let your rotten dory
roped to a rotten piling
float just beneath the surface
below the noon day sun
like a not­ quite­ abandoned prayer
till Kingdom Come
seemed inalienable once.
Mike Dillon
Mike Dillon
Mike Dillon