Theresa Smith

T.M. SmithT. M. Smith - Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

T. M. Smith was a lifelong educator. After retiring from her career as a teacher and principal, she re-involved herself in a passion first realized at the age of four. With enthusiasm, she settled in to write something more creative than lesson plans on split infinitives and inner-school memos on noise in the hallway.  Her first book was a romantic mystery romp, Affection for Crime. After that, her attention switched to vampires, demons, ylves, witches, warlocks, and other magical beings. She completed five romances in the Blood Coven Series. The Firebrand, the first book in the series, was released January 13, 2023, by Evernight Publishing. Another spin-off series of novelettes is under contract with the same publisher. 

She describes her life as a collection of orts, scraps, and fragments, thanking Virginia Wolf and Shakespeare for the line. She and her husband, Mike, moved from sunny Las Vegas to the less-than-sunny Bainbridge Island along with her daughter, son-in-law, and two granddaughters. She has been a member of BARN since it began in a small two-room building on Sunrise Drive, an active participant in the writing, jewelry, and glass studios. It was at BARN where her many-year journey with her critique group began. More information at:

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