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Elizabeth Wiggs Maas - Weddings

Elizabeth Wiggs Maas and best-selling author Susan Wiggs are the co-authors of How I Planned Your Wedding: The All-true Story of a Mother and Daughter Surviving the Happiest Day of Their Lives (2011). The book started out as a blog Elizabeth wrote to share with her friends all the funny things that happened in preparation for her upcoming wedding - from hair-do trials to cupcake tastings. The popularity of her blog led to a collaboration with her mother - not just in planning for the wedding but on a book as well. A reviewer describes How I Planned Your Wedding as "... often poignant, sometimes irreverent and always hilarious, this charming book is also packed with useful advice from both ends of the cupcake-tasting table. Join mother and daughter as they wade through the trenches of flowers and favors, grueling gown decisions…and the cold, cruel realities of a budget. With luck, love and loads of patience, they come out on the other side, bloodied but unbowed, replete with life lessons—and closer than ever before". For more information on the book go to .http://howiplannedyourwedding.com/