Judy Friesem

Judy FriesemJudy Friesem - Memoir
Husband and wife, Judy Friesem and Kim Bush had other plans until Bush had a major stroke that changed the trajectory of their lives. Summoned by a Stroke: An Homage to Love, Relationship, and Living Life Fully (2020) is based on the blog that Friesem kept during their last four years together until his death chronicles the highs and lows of their changed journey. "Together, as they navigate aging alongside caregiving, their love opens a world of unparalleled abundance that touches everyone who enters” As one reviewer shares, "This is a book to be read slowly, to savor the miracle of being summoned to live life completely in the present as it is, not as we wish it to be.”  Judy Friesem is a musician, mediator, environmental educator, naturalist and artist. Currently she is a therapeutic musician, playing harp for hospice patients and directing a Threshold Choir.