Robert W. Boven

Robert W. Boven- World War II History
One-time island resident Robert W. Boven is the author of America's Most Decorated Soldier in World War II (2001, revised edition 2013).  The book depicts the wartime exploits of Matt Urban, the country's most combat-decorated soldier in World War II.  Urban landed with the first American troops in Africa, leading his battalion in capturing Hill #409 in the Sedjanne Valley and single-handedly destroying one of Rommel's two largest radio transmitters in the world.  Altogether, Urban commanded his troops in six major campaigns in Africa and Europe and received his seventh Purple Heart after being shot through the throat in Belgium.  He then led the 3rd Army breakout from the hedgerows of France and subsequently was nominated for the Congressional Medal of Honor.  Author Robert W. Boven is himself a World War II veteran.  He was assigned to the 43rd squadron, 3rd Cavalry Group, 3rd Army, and fought in campaigns in France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, and Austria.  He is also the author of The International Organ and Tissue Retrieval Directory, used in medical universities and hospitals throughout the world, and has written several travelogues based on his travels in Central and South America.