A E Jeffcoat

A.E. Jeffcoat - U.S. History, Christian Spirituality
Albert E. Jeffcoat, known to friends as 'Jeff', was a former foreign correspondent, journalist, founder of the Manhattan Theater Club in New York, and author of two books written late in his life. His first book, Spirited Americans (2000) traces America's heritage of optimism, its origins and its role in shaping our history and future. Jeffcoat gives an upbeat view of the country's ability to pull out of national crises. The Wall Street Journal sums up the book as follows: "Spirited Americans succeeds admirably in demonstrating that U.S. history is not merely a tale of porcine interests jostling for a spot near the feeding trough, or of victimized groups, but also a sweeping narrative that has to do with great moral purposes, grandly pursued....we can be grateful to Mr. Jeffcoat for reminding us of what America used to be like before the cultural rot set in, and of what it can still be again, when the spirit moves it." Jeffcoat followed up on his first success with Soul Searching: One Man's Search for Life's Meaning Through the Wisdom and Faith of Others (2006). The book is an affirmation of Christian faith and argues that political leaders like Jefferson, Hamilton, and Lincoln have set examples of how religious faith can play a role in secular society and politics. Jeffcoat passed away before the publication of his second book. He is survived by his wife Jan who continues to live on Bainbridge Island.