Art Walk - August

August 6, 2021  |  5PM - 7PM  |  Bainbridge Public Library


The Art of Tiffani Buteau

August artist, Tiffani Buteau will be featured at the Bainbridge Public Library and host an opening reception for First Friday art walk, August 6, 5-7PM.  Her exhibit is titled "Resinscapes". 
Tiffani Buteau is an experienced epoxy resin artist from the Puget Sound area of Washington state. Her paintings have been featured in solo and group exhibitions nationally. Working with epoxy resin on locally sourced handmade wooden panels, Tiffani creates highly textured seascapes and abstract universes full of cosmic color palettes and glistening textures. Three styles of collections by Tiffani will be featured: Ocean seascapes, celestial nebulae, and abstract. One highlight for local residents will be the huge landscape painting, "Olalla” named after the artist’s studio located on the Puget Sound. You can view Tiffani's work during the month of August during regular library hours.

Tiffani Buteau

Epoxy resin painting is an extremely unique, highly technical art form. Once the two-part resin is mixed, Tiffani has one hour to portion, color the resin, pour it, and manipulate it with a knife and heat implements before it sets permanently. Each layer takes 72 hours to cure and each painting has several layers at least and finishes to a hardened glass-like glossy finish. This same process is also used by many to make surfboards, boat finishings, and more, but rarely on a canvas-like Tiffani has done. Up close you can peer through the various layers of alternating translucence and opaqueness for a painting that is almost sculptural in its final form.

"As an artist, I want each piece to be a transcendent experience into an inspiring scene where you can linger peacefully." -Tiffani Buteau

Click on images below to view of short video of each.  The pan over video reveals the details in proper lighting.