Art Walk - April

April 5, 2024  |  5PM - 7PM  |  Free. Light refreshments.

First Friday Art Walk at the Library with Gigi Godfrey and art students

"The Artist's Process"

April showers bring May flowers but wait....first there is always art!! First Friday in the library meeting room will open a group student show titled "The Artist's Process". Come meet the artists and enjoy the reception. The exhibit will remain on display through the month of April. Click on any thumbnail image to see a larger size.  Thank you for supporting the arts and the library.

by Renee Sheperd

by Pat Buhite

by Kristine Kelleher

by Lisa Rogers

by Jin Miller

by Susanne Bardelson

by Ellen Toby

by Kathy Levine

by Roberta Marshall
Participating artists

Students of Gigi Godfrey participating:
Kirsten Zawoysky
Dayle Houk
Kathy Levine
Pat Buhite
Renee Shepherd
Roberta Marshall
Kristine Kelleher
Susanne Bardelson
Dianne Lauer
Lisa Rogers
Ellen Toby
Jin Miller