Art Walk - July

July 7, 2023  |  5PM - 7PM  |  Bainbridge Public Library  |  Free.- light refreshments

Wednesday Art Group: "Creativity Through Friendship"

Wednesday Art Group

The July First Friday Art Walk at the library will feature a group exhibition by the Wednesday Art Group.  They are a group of 10 artists of diverse backgrounds, styles, and artistic levels.  There will be  a reception on July 7 from 5-7 p.m.  Light refreshments served.  Come meet the artists and chat.  The exhibit will continue to be available for viewing during the month of July.  To view any of the thumbnail images below in a larger size, simply click on the image you wish to view.

Wednesday Art Group
Kitty Time
by Marlene Dorfman
Wednesday Art Group
Writing Partner
by Jo Ann Falker
Wednesday Art Group
by Pam Harrison
Wednesday Art Group
Low Tide
by Chewelah Nett
Wednesday Art Group
by Melinda McLaughlin
Wednesday Art Group
by Joyce Gauss

View From Pritchard Park
by Janice Runyan
Wednesday Art Group
A Moment in Four Time
by Susan Wiersema
Wednesday Art Group
Stories to Tell
by Rose West

Wednesday Art Group
Fly Away
by Cindy Whelan
Wednesday Art Group

It all started at a kitchen table in 2017. Pam Harrison asked me for some private lessons in colored pencils, and a few art lessons became an every Wednesday getting together to work on our art. Pam had artist friends she invited to join us, Joyce and Janice, and the little kitchen table became a gathering of artists with different skills, styles, and ideas. 

2020 came with the Covid and lockdown. The kitchen table needed to become virtual. First, WAG became virtual through the Winslow Art Center via Zoom. Thanks to The Winslow Art Center, we added a few more members, but it came to a point where we needed to become independent. Today, we're still meeting over Zoom, for our members live in Arizona, Oregon, and California. We've been sharing our artwork by creating postcards and mailing them to each other. Single-handedly we are keeping USPS still in business.

The Artists

Marlene Dorfman
Jo Ann Falker
Joyce Gauss
Pam Harrison
Valerie Kellum
Melinda McLaughlin
Chewelah Nett
Janice Runyan
Rose West
Cindy Whelan
Susan Wiersema