Art Walk - July

July 2, 2021  |  5PM - 7PM  |  Bainbridge Public Library  |  Free.- light refreshments


by John Wiens

After 15 months of closure due to COVID, First Friday ART WALK is once again featured at the Bainbridge Public Library.  You are cordially invited to view John Wiens' latest prints in the library's main meeting room.  There will be  a reception on July 2 from 5-7 p.m.  Light refreshments served.  Come meet the artist and chat.  The exhibit will continue to be available for viewing during the month of July.

As a bonus, this month in the display case, Deborah Rhee will present  "Tiny Talismans".  

John Wiens

"The title of this exhibit, "Organic Lines”, is inspired by my many hours observing the natural growth the force of movement, and the push back of the static man- made objects. All but two pieces are monoprints which were done in the past three years. The theme of "Organic Lines” stems from my interest in drawing and the many possibilities of line expression. Paul Klee and Wassily Kandinsky have been my inspiration. I feel a bond with them because they both taught at the Bauhaus, and I’m a retired architect. 

As a painter I have done most of my painting outdoors which combines the observation of the remarkable intricacies of vines, branches, flowers with the observation of movement in its many natural forms. It is the expression of these intricacies with lines that intrigue me, and leads me to greater experimentation. The positive marks are with eight-inch thick wood bars and brushes. The negative marks are made by rubbing ink off the plate with cloth, credit cards, sticks. "

Deborah Rhee
My tiny talismans began as a project in 2016 when I felt at an all-time low, watching world events unfolding, I felt powerless and wondered what I could do to affect change in a positive direction.

A collector had requested a miniature artwork to take on her travels because she felt there was an energy in my work that helped her re-balance. On making that tiny talisman for her, I realized that it is something I have to offer and began leaving miniature artworks in the community for people to randomly find. I hoped they may lift someone’s spirits and make them smile.

Science says a smile boosts endorphins in the body, and endorphins make us feel good, so that is where I put my energy. 

The tiny talismans project continued with a life of its own, other people joined from far and wide creating talismans to share in their own communities so I made a Facebook group, where they could stay in touch with each other and let us know what they were doing.

Anyone interested can join in. All are welcome. If you care to know more, the  Facebook page is Revolution-artwithheart.