Art Walk - March

March 2, 2023  |  5PM - 7PM  |  Free.

First Friday Art Walk at the Library "At Play"

with Martha Rogers

Come join us for the library's March First Friday Art Walk reception featuring artwork by local artist, Martha Rogers.  The exhibit and reception will be in the library main meeting room.  Martha says that "drawing and painting children at play invigorates me.  It's a way to reconnect to my childhood." The exhibit will remain on display through the month of March. Click on any of the images below to see a larger size.

Martha Rogers
"Our Floating Unicorn"
Martha Rogers
"Brothers at the Beach"
Martha Rogers
"Next Move"
Martha Rogers
"And four to go..."
Martha Rogers
"Flying High"

"Sisters in the Sun Study"
Martha Rogers
"Feeding Tiger"

Martha Rogers
"Hitching a ride in the kitchen"
"At Play"

"I had a very happy childhood growing up with my three siblings in Toronto, Canada. We lived across the street from a large park whose eastern edge gave way to an expansive ravine with an abandoned quarry and brickworks. We would often escape together early in the morning to explore this park and ravine only to return in time for dinner. 

I am especially drawn to children playing and can watch their antics for hours. Children seem to have endless amounts of energy, optimism and creativity. To me play is invigorating and much more than exercise; it's exploring, discovering, make believing and even risk taking. Whether it's playing with a sibling, school friend, favorite pet or in a backyard tree it's time spent discovering the world around us. The rewards of play with one another cannot be replaced by a video game or zoom call.

I certainly hope in looking at these paintings you too can connect with your inner child and find joy."

Martha Rogers

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