Art Walk - September

September 6, 2019  |  5PM - 8PM  |  Bainbridge Public Library  |  Free. Light refreshments.

Art is Happening...2019

Welcome the summer into fall with an exciting group exhibition for September at your Bainbridge Public Library.   Please join us on first Friday, September 6, 5-8pm for Art is Happening...2019. A group of local artists including painters, printmakers, photographers, sculptors, quilters and more come together to share their work and their craft, coordinated by Patrick Gulke. This year participants include: Stephanie BC, Greta Bergquist, Jamie Brouwer, Jackie Bush-Turner, Sean Carleton, Karen Cornell, Virginia Davison, Chris Demarest, Antoinette du Plessis, Stefani Galaday, Allison Garrison, Nat Godfrey, Marilynn Gottlieb, Heather Griffin, Curtis Hughes, Anya Koultysheva, Drew Kunz, Michael Pontieri, Bob Rau, David Repyak, Jane Schupay, Kristin Tollefson, Sara Tuminello, JoAnn and Steve Trick, Diane Walker, John Wiens, Susan Wiersma, Carl Yurdin and more...  Because this is a special event, the exhibition will "spill over" into the library for First Friday only and opening night will be extended until 8PM.

Group Art Show

You can find out more about the artists below by clicking on their link:

Stephanie BC
Jackie Bush-Turner
Sean Carleton
Karen Cornell
Chris Demarest
Allison Garrison
Nat Godfrey 
Marilynn Gottlieb 
Anya Koultysheva
Drew Kunz
Michael Pontieri 
Bob Rau
David Repyak 
Nicole Schluter 
Kristin Tollefson 
Sara Tuminello 
Diane Walker 
Carl Yurdin