Brett Gadbois

Brett Gadbois - Young Adult Fiction
Brett Gadbois' first published novel Cellar Door (2010) is the story of Sam Bixby, a curious nine-year old.  On a fishing trip to northern Minnesota, Sam ignores his father's advice, bumps his head, and winds up in another world. There, a wise teacher shows Sam how to transform himself into anything he sees - a bumblebee or a cloud - and the boy sets off on a journey filled with wonder and danger. He befriends an easily excited squirrel and must survive evil crow-men, imprisonment, and near-death to find the magic pool that will take him back home. The Midwest Book Review calls Cellar Door "a top pick, highly recommended".  Gadbois has also written short stories that have appeared in various literary journals.  His story Perfect was nominated for the Pushcart Prize.  In addition to writing, Gadbois is a musician, a graphic designer, and an ordained zen monk. To learn more about this author go to