Cathi Hepworth

Cathi Hepworth - Children's Books
Cathi Hepworth has written several books, among them two children's books - Antics! (1996) and Bug Off (1998). Antics! is an ALA Notable Children's Book and won the Booklist Children's Editors' Choice. In Bug Off Hepworth continues the theme established in her earlier book, combining insects with vocabulary lessons. Publisher's Weekly describes the book as follows: "Readers of Hepworth's Antics! already know the buzz: the author highlights key syllables in words like 'mammoth' and 'license', then provides an illustration of each term. With one word and one image per page, Hepworth conveys lots of detail in her grainy colored-pencil drawings. For instance, a frowning and antennaed "Beethoven" holds a quill pen and sheet music in his fuzzy digits. To define "beefy," a black-and-yellow fellow flexes his pecs. .... Hepworth's six-legged 'descendants' and 'behemoths' take the sting out of spelling bees, and her imaginative approach may well press readers to invent their own dynamite terminology."