Dan Allender

Dan Allender - Self-Help
Bainbridge therapist Dan Allender has written numerous books and articles on spiritual healing based on Christian values. His books include The Cry of the Soul; Intimate Allies; The Healing Path; The Wounded Heart; Bold Love; Leading With A Limp; To Be Told: Know Your Story / Shape Your Future; How Children Raise Parents; and Breaking the Idols of your Heart: How to Navigate the Temptations of Life. In his most recent book Leading Character (2008), Allender draws on humor, real-life stories and the bible to argue that every leader must both have a character and be a character. No matter where our leadership roles find us - on the football team, the corner office, or organizing family activities - we are not perfect. Yet it is in our brokenness that we have an opportunity to both reveal God’s goodness and strengthen our leadership skills. Brian McLaren, pastor and author of A New Kind of Christian says of Dan Allender: "[His] books brim and sizzle with stories – many poignant, many hilarious, and many both." In addition to writing, Allender serves as president and professor of counseling at the Mars Hill Graduate School near Seattle, is a therapist in private practice, and a frequent speaker and seminar leader. For more information on Dan Allender please check https://theallendercenter.org/about/team/dan-allender/