Gary Prisk

Gary Prisk - Adult Fiction
Although a debut work, Gary Prisk's Digger Dogface Brownjob Grunt (2009) has received both national and international attention. Among other honors, the autobiographical novel about the Vietnam War was chosen as "Best New Fiction" by National Best Books 2009 Awards, and "The Best Fiction Book 2010" by International Book Awards. A reviewer describes Prisk's book as: "... a vicarious journey through the heart, mind, and soul of a soldier struggling to come to grips with the unfamiliarity of his surroundings, as well as the uncertainty surrounding his future. Deep, raw, and real, Prisk's riveting narrative will serve as an eye-opening introduction to the gritty truths of war and conflict for readers heretofore influenced by pop culture's more glamorous depiction of its true nature... Equally tinged with humor and gravitas, Digger Dogface is an intelligent, insightful take on a pivotal time in world history that will never be forgotten. A highly recommended, enlightening read." For more information go to