George Little and David Lewis

George Little & David Lewis - Gardening, Sculpture, Art
Internationally celebrated artists and authors, George Little and David Lewis have dazzled local garden enthusiasts for years. According to theSeattle Times their collaboration was born over a decade ago, when they both worked in a Bainbridge Island bakery making coffee. Lewis bought a garden fountain from Little who then helped him dig a pond. They had so much fun with this project they decided to team up. Their 2005 book Gallery: The Plants, Art, and Hardscape of Little and Lewis takes readers on a tour of their small yet breathtakingly beautiful garden on Bainbridge Island. The garden's water features, oversized and broadleaved plants, expansive use of color, zone-pushing tropicals, architectural emphasis, and elements of classicism all combine to create a magical space. The authors also share their personal gardening wisdom in the book along with tips on garden construction, plant cultivation, water gardening, and the use of color. And if you missed the Little and Lewis garden during one of the 'Bainbridge in Bloom' garden tours do not dispair. Although 2008 was the last year to see this popular garden, Little and Lewis have moved just next door to their old property. They are currently hard at work developing a new garden to invite visitors to. For more information on the two authors and their art please go to