Judith Smith-Levin

Judith Smith-Levin - Mystery

Judith Smith-Levin is the author of four books collectively known as the Starletta Duvall mystery series - Do Not Go Gently (1996), Hoodoo Man (1998), Green Money (2000), and Reckless Eyeballin' (2001). The series features Starletta Duvall, a smart and sassy homicide detective, who skillfully moves between gritty police procedures and romantic relationships. Prior to moving to BainbridgeIsland, Smith-Levin served as a police officer in Massachusetts and her personal experience informs both the characters and the events in her stories. In fact, Smith-Levin acknowledges that writing helped her get through the cumulative trauma of police work. For more information on this interesting author, check the following article in the Seattle Times.