K D Kragen

K.D. Kragen - Science Fiction
K.D. Kragen moved to Bainbridge Island in 1989 where he washed dishes at the Streamliner Diner while working on his first novel. Since then he's written several more books. In 2004, his two e-books KillWare and The Wastes were published together as The KillWare Chronicles. The action-packed story about cyberspace tackles serious issues about human intelligence and disconnectedness. Pat Anderson from the Bainbridge Review comments: "KillWare is an action exploration of some heavy philosophical notions. Is artificial intelligence possible? What is intelligence? Does it require a human component? Kragen translates his thoughts on these weighty matters into an almost Hollywood-style attention-getter..." Kragen's next book, Plagueman (2005), is a story about love and death in 14th century Italy. An Amazon reader has this to say about the book: "Wow! That was my reaction to Plagueman. It was just incredible -- well-crafted and so representative of how our choices further evil or bring good.” K.D. Kragen's most recent work is a sequel to KillWare, titled The Accidental Prisoner. (2013). For more information on the author please go to http://www.kdkragen.com/