Richard Stine

Richard Stine - Art
Richard Stine is an artist and writer who is known world-wide through his paintings, drawings, and postcards. He has also published two books, Off To Sea (1987) and The World of Richard Stine (1994) which feature his unique approach to art. Off To Sea is a modern love story in which Stine’s drawings and accompanying text trace a journey of infatuation, growth, separation, and reunion between a man and a woman. The World of Richard Stine (1994) is a retrospective collection of Stine’s art and writings and was featured as a Book-of-the-Month Club selection in 1994. It covers subjects such as love, art, freedom, isolation, desire, conflict, dreams and creativity. Publisher’s Weekly says: “At once whimsical and philosophical, conceptualist and cartoonish, Stine's delightfully irresistible art unlocks the heart's unspoken desires and pries open the mind's devious recesses.” For more information on Richard Stine go to